CNC EDM MACHINE( Integrated type)
Three axes numerical control to ensure high precision
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Work Table Size(L*W) mm 600*400
Coordinate Axes Travel X Axis mm 400
Y Axis mm 300
Z Axis mm 300
Work Table Intemal Size(L*W*H) mm 960*610*410
Max.electrode Weight kg 50
Max Loading Of Worktable kg 300
Distrance From Electrode Plate To Work Table Max mm 580
Min mm 280
Oil Tank Capacity L 310
Machine Weight kg 2000
External Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1840*1620*2560

Electric Control Cabinet

Max. Processing Current A 30
Max processing Speed Mm³/min 300
Min Electrode Consumption ≤0.1%
Optinum Roughness μm 0.1
Total Input Power kw 10

EDM sinker machine is used for cavity forming. It utilizes conductive material (copper, graphite, steel) as electrode to process workpiece (conductive material) by spark erosion. Main use: processing precious die, cavity mold and so on. It is widely used in metal processing and mold making workshop.

Our company's EDM series machines are featured in strong functions, convenient and reliable operation, of fairly good rigidity, running placidly, of good controllability, suitable to process conductive metal moulds, complicated metal parts and templates with high precision, high toughness and difficult processing. EDM process has become the important part in the field of mechanical manufacture. They are widely used in the fields of moulds, electronic instruments, precision mechanical process, automobile parts, military, etc.

1.Machine Body is resin sand, non reniun force advanced casting, Adopt HT300 ageing treatment casting, keep precision long time. Structure is reasonable, no deformation, rigid, durable, precision remains unchanged.

2. Adopted Cross table type design X/Y/Z Axis Adopt Taiwan linear guide, imported double nut ball screw.

3.Adopt Japan SANYO AC servo motor or JAPAN Panasonic AC servo motor.

4.Controlled by DSP and single chip microcomputer.Greatly improving the timeliness and reliability.

5.It has a good human-computer interaction interface, and the operation is simple, intuitive and convenient. Rich processing technology database provides convenient operation for customers;

6.The pulse power supply can monitor a single pulse in real time, which can effectively control the waveform and reduce the loss. It has a great effect on the machining of narrow slots and slots, especially deep blind holes;

7.Reliable stabilizing device: liquid level control, flame monitoring device, ARC and short circuit adaptive processing function;

Cleanliness, difficult to process conductive metal molds, complex metal parts and templates. EDM processing machinery manufacturing has become an important part in the mold, electronic equipment, precision machining, automotive parts, military and other fields have a wide range of applications.