Product categories


♦ Service

  1. First Time on site service for training and installing for free, but all travel cost and accomodation should be paid by customers
    2.One Year guarantee for accessories except the consumable parts,life long maintenance
    3.Favorable price for spare parts and accessories in future
    4.Cost free for training and lunch in our company. But travel expenses should be on clients account.
    5.after service
    A. If there is any problem with the machine, we will try  to solve the problem by email or Tel Promptly, at the same time ,we will record your description about the problem and prepare the service on site
    B.Our company will supply free service if the machine broken within the guarantee period, but the travel cost and the accomdation should be paid by customer
    C.Life long service with charge.

    ♦ Training items
    1.We have professional teachers, equipment and site to draw out training plans for Clients
    2.Training time: around 5-10days
    3.The training site: training department or workshop
    4.Training People: 2-3 operators from clients company.
    5.The content of training:
    A.Learn how to use the software
    B.Basic Operation and attention of machines
    C.Maintaining the machines
    D.Attending the test in each period